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Professional Commercial Window Cleaning

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By host on 8/9/2015 6:39 AM

Storefront Restaurants

Chelsea Window Cleaning started over 25 years ago primarily to service retail stores and restaurants. 

We are proud to say we still service many of our original customers and understand the obligation for window cleaning service in a timely and efficient manner.  We service many stores and restaurants all over Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island; our maintenance program varies and depending upon the needs our customer, we service stores daily, weekly and monthly. 

Our customers range from mom and pop stores, nationwide and worldwide chains.   

We are equipped to accommodate last minute requests due to inspections, corporate visits, etc.

At Chelsea Window Cleaning we gladly work with facility maintenance companies, regional/district and store managers and visual display professionals to ensure the windows always look their best.


Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaning is our specialty

Window Cleaners New York City NY

We are the original  New York City Window Cleaners

By host on 8/9/2015 6:34 AM

Chelsea Window cleaning will clean and polish the exterior metal around windows and storefronts.

We also clean and polish the interior metal on stairways railings and displays. 

By host on 8/9/2015 6:31 AM

Chelsea Window cleaning will hand wash or pressure wash any vinyl, canvas, or plexi-glass awning with our truck-mounted equipment or water source from the building.

We use green-certified cleaners that are color-safe, won’t dissolve any glue or ink in the fabric and do not leave a residue.

Maintaining the awnings will not only extend the life-span of the awnings, but keep them looking clean. 

By host on 8/9/2015 6:07 AM

Boatswain Chair


We use the boatswain chair when accessibility with our lifts is not available. 

Our staff is highly trained in this method of cleaning and all employees under go safety training classes specifically designed for this specialized equipment. 

At Chelsea Window Cleaning we utilize the highest standard of safety and equipment to provide an excellent and cost-effective alternative cleaning method.   

By host on 8/9/2015 5:34 AM
Chelsea Window cleaning’s bucket/lift trucks enable us to clean those fixed/upper floor and hard to reach windows in a cost-effective and safe manner.





Stores and Restaurants
Metal Cleaning and Polishing
Awning Cleaning
Boatswain Chair
Lift Bucket Truck


Re: Awning Cleaning
Best clean our awning, how to pack our awning and how to get our awning to last longer are the question to our selves to ask. Because awning cleaning stressful.
Re: Awning Cleaning
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I was wondering how window cleaners cleaned tall buildings.. thanks!
Re: Stores and Restaurants
Before doing any work on an industrial fabric always spot test your cleaning and sealing products in an out of sight place. Call Chelsea Window Cleaning at (212) 598-5939 .
Re: Awning Cleaning
An awning that has been properly cleaned and sealed from the beginning will be easier to clean and maintain during it's life span. Call Chelsea Window Cleaning on (212) 598-5939 .
Re: Awning Cleaning
The first thing that should be done is an inspection of the awning or fabric structure. Make sure that it is structurally sound, has no rips or tears, and that the seams are tight. Next choose the correct type of cleaner for the type of industrial fabric you will be cleaning. Call Chelsea Window Cleaning on (212) 598-5939 .
Re: Awning Cleaning
Best value for money guaranteed! Has cleaning your awnings ever given you a headache? And you have neither the tools nor the time to worry about it? Worry no longer, call Chelsea Window Cleaning on (212) 598-5939 .
Re: Metal Cleaning and Polishing
If in any doubt, do not attempt any cleaning and seek advice from a professional . call Chelsea Windows Cleaning on (212) 598-5939 .


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